How I've tried to feel better

During year one of the pandemic I wrote a book and had a baby. I knew this was obnoxious but I was obviously pleased with myself at the same time. I nailed the pandemic!

The second year … not so much.

Things I have tried to feel better:

  • Getting up before my children at 5.30am to have some space

  • Not getting out of bed until 11am

  • Not drinking

  • Drinking spirits, which I usually never do at home

  • Taking days off work

  • Working 7am to 6pm

  • Edibles

  • Running

  • Cooking (usually something i do once every six weeks or so)

  • Reading novels (i haven’t managed to get past the first three chapters of anything)

  • Starting writing another book (psychotic)

  • Zoom wines

  • Deleting Twitter from my phone

  • Swimming in the ocean

  • Regular walks with my friend

  • McFlurries

  • Yelling at my mum

  • ​Leaving group chats

  • spending entire evenings in nine different group chats

  • Cleaning the house every day

  • Not cleaning the house

  • Smoking Rick’s cigarettes

The thing that makes the biggest difference to my coping threshold is the weather, which like many things, is completely outside of my control.
The only way out is through really.